model: 750 V7 SPORT

country: Germany

frame number: VK 13438-6

name: Uwe Hilleman

email: Uwe.Hilleman@LFS.SBV.BWL.DE

notes: This is Uwe's beautiful V7 Sport, with Lafranconi silencers, 750S style seat and other pieces from Stucchi of Mandello - the rearsets by the look of them. Uwe claims 46 Kw at 7000rpm (now I haven't got my head around this Kw thing, I still work in horsepower, can anyone explain it to me??) it'll do 200km an hour, and who am I to argue. It'd be cool to do a speed test one day between a V7 Sport, 750S and S3 - I guess the V7 Sport would win. I love those early rocker covers