model: 750 S/750 S3

year: 1974

country: South of France

frame number: VK 13099

engine number: VK 032689

name: Luc Bardolph


notes: "I bought this one from an Italian bike shop of south London in 1987. I had been looking for one for two years and saw either wrecks or ultra expensive vgc bikes. I fell in love with this one when I asked the dealer to start it and a big flame came out of the carbs as it backfired. The price was reasonable. It was probably imported from Italy where it was forgotten in a garage somewhere. Quite a few things needed sorting and I discovered it had been raced : lockwired plugs, lightened flywheel, right hand gearchange, gas flowed heads, high comp pistons, big valves, polished and lightened rockers, a dent on the inside of the crankcase left by a thrown rod (typical of racers I was told by my favourite and knowledgeable mechanic) and a very "musical" exhaust system that is a mistery to me as I have never seen one like it anywhere else. It probably once wore 36mm carbs but is now back to 30mm which I am happy with. It is uncivilised, handles great, sounds beautiful if a bit loud and still needs a couple of minor things done to it. I like it the way it is since I am not particularly crazy about original everything. It's clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be fun.