model: 750 V7 SPORT

country: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

frame number: V K 11961

name: Locky and Kym Campbell


notes: Kym - "When we got the bike, my husband bought it sitting in a shed, sadly neglected- basically all there but the seat and carbies. The process of rebuilding began and he had her running well enough in a week to go to Bathurst Bike Races (1200 km away), held together by zip-ties and ockey straps - see first pic above!. Since then we have trained our blue cattle dog and our 7 year old daughter to ride on the bike, she is ridden almost every day, still goes to rallies and gets vast amounts of notice, and is the same vintage as me - The Wife. Locky (owner) has really done very few alterations to her. We have put 32mm pumper carbies off an SS Ducati on her and a hand made inlet manifolds, new valves, pistons and cast iron sleeves at 170,000 km after dropping a valve and destroying a piston, re-wired, chrome work re-done and pipes replaced 12 yrs ago, and basic maintainence. The bike's original colours were red frame and green tank, which it will be again if Locky can ever get off her long enough to paint it. She's been used as daily transport for the majority of the 15 years we've had her and she's just kicked over 225,000 km. She is a living, breathing thing that spits at you in the morning (pumpers- no chokes), coughs when it's cold, and if the dog goes for a ride- the daughter sulks, if the daughter goes for a ride- the dog sulks, and if I get a look in- they both sulk. This is our bike, she's a bike of many 'firsts', and we love the old girl."