model: V7 Sport "Telaio Rosso" race replica

year: 1972

country: France

frame number: VK 11227

engine number: ?

name: not given

email: not supplied

notes: " I Here is the V7 sport telaio rosso, frame number VK 11227. This bike was bought new in june of 1972 in Krajka's Guzzi shop in Paris. At that time, they had a huge warehouse full of new bike for sale, near the shop. It was normal that bikes stayed there for months before being sold, so a 1971 bike could be registered in june 1972. Burgundy red body and black frame was the original colour.

According to first (and unique !) owner and to Mr Chaplain, this bike hasn't been painted. Is this the only telaio rosso not yellow and red ? According to its frame number, this V7 sport is the 117th telaio rosso, built by the race department of the Guzzi factory. Bike was prepared to race by Christian Chaplain, he was employed by Mr Krajka, so fairing and all mechanical duty was done in his flat. It was his first personnal business, his boss didn't know then. I got him on the phone, he his still working on motorcycles in western France, but not as a Guzzi dealer. He easily remebered this bike. Owner wanted a Bol d'Or replica, so he bought racing components in Italy, as crank shaft, upper engine, Gaman saddle, 40 mm Dell Orto carbs, Lafranconi competizione mufflers, magnesium handlebars, and so on. Engine was enlarged up to 850 cc, with so much compression that it was necessary to start the bike on 2nd gear, pushing and using electric starter at the same time. Bike was a real speed demon, as he and the owner said. After 9 years and 18 000 kilometers, this bike was stored in a garage, because of family and kids growing up. In 1986, owner started it up once, and bike come back to sleep for 18 more years. In february of 2004, he decided to sell it. Bike is absolutely complete and genuine, with the little light under the seat :o)) Engine started again, but it was not possible to ride : brakes need new lines, tyres are old and would be dangerous to use, all electrics must be changed. Restoration will be done in 2004. Presently, fairing still hides the engine number. I'll tell you then."