model: V7 Sport

country: Florida, USA

frame number: ?

name: Karl Kologiski


notes: It is quite the mongrel. After doing some detective work I found the guy who built the bike.  He had a Guzzi shop near Raleigh North Carolina in the 70's.  They had a V7 Sport they used to campaign in endurance racing.  Well after some bad luck the engine was toast.  Most of the parts found their way onto a 850T which was then sold. 

A few years later the bike showed back up at the shop with a new owner who wanted to build it for racing.  The bike was fitted with LeMans 1 heads and carbs, race cam and  a 1000cc big bore kit with high compression pistons. After that the bike jumped around from owner to owner. I found it listed on the club website. Well after I got the bike home, I began to work out some of the bugs. As soon as you gave it full throttle it would knock real bad.  After checking the timing and other bits, I called the builder who told me the pistons they installed were some huge domed pistons from a race kit from Guzzi and he guessed they were 12 to 1 compression ratio!! Well I filled the tank up with 130 octane aviation fuel and it solved the knock problem.  I am planning on installing a new set of standard jugs and pistons to make it for livable.  It is a wild ride.  You can easily hit 100 in 4th and feel the wheel come up. I dont ride it much as it does not want to idle, has a bub exhaust with open megs and rattles the neighbors windows and will not run on regular pump gas, so I have to stay close to home. It is a real work in progress.


Karl has had some of the early 750 dash decals reproduced, they are of excellent quality,
see a pic here