model: 750 S

country: Germany

frame number: VK 11650

name: Frank Gerlach


notes: " I bought the bike in 1996 here in Germany. It was an Italian import and was in pieces. I restored it and it is now in very good condition. As you explained the 750 S is a real beauty but not the performer as it is told. I think the untouched engine has no more than 50 bhp. In the time of restoration I decided to make some soft tuning. I fitted an ergal flywheel and opened the inlet manifolds up to 36mm to fit bigger carbs (open PHF-Type now). In combination with the Lafranconi Competizione silencers it is really quicker now. Unusual for a Guzzi it loves high revs... I made a performance test and now I have exactly 60 bhp but it has still not enough punch. Frame number is VK 11650, I am not sure if it is the correct frame... I have two other bikes, a BMW R68 from 1952 and an English bike a BSA B33 with sidecar outfit. This one is really cool and funny to drive."