model: 750S3

country: UK

frame number: VKZ 15735

name: Cary Vallance


notes: I have owned OVO 165R since 1979! Similarly I fell in love with this marque after seeing and hearing the sound of Guzzi's during my adolescent years. This friend has seen me through two marriages, two children growing up and lots of memories of happy and not so happy biking days over the 23 years I've owned her. I have spent hundreds of hours tinkering and fiddling over the years from the time when she was my only form of transport to work, to now where I only use her for fine days and special occasions. Several rebuilds have drained me of energy cash and sleep over the years, breakdowns and failures include alternator, exhaust valve seat disintegration, and most spectacular gudgeon pin disintegration at high speed resulting in piston and connecting rod being somewhat disconnected!!! The last rebuild was completed in April 1999, this brought her back to original spec other than stainless fasteners, with several concourse awards in local shows.