model: 1975 S3

country: Spain

frame number: VK2 15829

engine number: VK 036076

name: Antonio Gonzalez Zapata


notes: Congratulations on your page which I've been connected on lately, as I've bought a non-runner 750 S3. I must say the page has had
something to do with it!

I am writing from Spain, and the bike was in Vigo, a town by the Atlantic,
just north of Portugal. Now it is in El Escorial (Madrid), and after some
observation I more or less know the parts it needs (which are quite a lot).
If you want a photo just drop me a line and I'l send it when it suits you.

I think its by chance that I've come across this bike, as they were never
officially imported in Spain, probably it came as a personal purchase from
the importers at the time (they were called 'Lezauto'), and an oddity that
30 years later I could find it at all.

I've been in touch with Gyles -whom I got to know from your website- and
very kindly has sent me some pics of those parts I needed reference of. Now
I am in the process of buying parts little by little (I've already ordered
some from Reboot). The pity is most of the sites I have seen come in German, and I just don't understand a word (I always thought it was not very
difficult for english speakers)! This bike will approximately take me from 2 to 4 years all in good more or less good original condition. I am not really in a hurry, because when this one is finished I'll buy another 70's bike and start the same process.

The bike was really too expensive but it was the only one I could find after a long search, so I decided to go for it. I wasn't looking for a runner, but for something more or less complete to get done by myself and in no hurry.

I am expecting some parts to arrive home: a CEV backlight holder, a rear
indicator bracket, S-3 sidepanel badges, old type taps, an original Aprilia
headlight, the headlight brackets and the wires and Maral original plugs,
and am preparing a new list of spares. What seems to be difficult to get are
the original mufflers, although Motomecca have told me they are working on
producing them again.