model: 1972 750 V7 SPORT

country: Germany

frame number: VK 12586

name: Achim Stadie


notes: My Guzzi was built in 1972. I donŽt know the exact date. Frame number is VK 12586. I bought it 1 month before. The little lady stays 3 years in a garage and was waiting for me ;-) Only a few things (new battery, new sparks) and she was runnig! But I had to do a lot of things to give her a perfect look. When IŽve done it, IŽll send you a little story and new pictures. Today I send you an actual picture. Greetings from Germany! Oh, by the way: If there is someone spending time in Germany with his (her) REAL ;-))) bike, visit me for a cup of coffee.