model: 750 S3

country: Australia

frame number: VK 215097

engine number: VK 035390

name: Peter B


notes: Hi Adam - Glad you liked the S3 ,I'm rather fond of it myself. I bought it in 1977 for $2500 with 11000k on the clock from a guy who bought it in italy then brought it to Australia (he got married and needed the money, I would have kept the bike ).I live near Mt Buller about 200k from Melbourne, lots of great roads to ride on although too many cops, so you have to be careful, helps if some of the guys you ride with are cops. Modifications are 90mm pistons, 36mm carbs, lightened flywheel, ported and polished heads, mild cam, sump spacer, Marzocci front end, Ducati clipons and fairing, Agostini rear sets, Koni shocks, braided brake lines, 42mm headers into a Supertrapp, and a kevlar/fiberglass single seat that I made myself. I tried 2 other seats but I think this one suits the lines of the S3 best.

Eng No VK 035390, Frame No VK 215097 .It has done about 150000k and has never let me down, which is more than I can say for my other bikes; Hondas, a Kawasaki for production racing and a Harley.The heads are about to be sent away for a bit of work so that it will pull like a school boy again. I dont know why but the S3 has always been a fast bike and ridden accordingly.( I could have bought a house by what I've payed in fines). Any way hope this email gets to you .......Peter the web site ......cheers.....