model: 750 S

country: Germany

frame number: VK111963

name: Daniel Branchadell


notes: Hi Adam - 1974 Model, frame number is VK111963. Just finished a complete engine rebuild with now 851cc, G&G clutch, large valves, balanced crank, race cam, 36mm Dell'Ortos etc. Revs over 8'k & > goes like a bullet now. Great bike & the prettiest ever built!

I have exchanged the barrels & used 88mm ones. They have been shortened to increase compression (11.5:1 now) and volumes have been adjusted to match left & right. Can't remember valve size anymore but they are big (44/38 I think). Two of the pics I attached is actually made before the upgrade, bike now has the black Lafranconi Comp with the bend upward, and the engine has been glassblasted. Went to Rijeka 2 weeks ago with it, best laptime was 1.54.04 which is an average of 162kph..not bad :) Cheers, Daniel