model: 750 V7 SPORT

country: Holland

engine number: VK31782

frame number: VK12766

name: Charles van Stralendorff


notes: My Sport has engine nr.Vk 31782 and frame nr. Vk 12766

It was registerd in February 1975, but it must be older than that. When I bought it it in 1987 it had a little damage from falling down on the right side. And the frame was sprayed red and it had a white fuel tank and tool boxes. On the tank was an Italian Tricolore painted. It also had a duc 750 ss tophalf also painted white. First thing I did was rebuiling the engine with new main bearings and bid-ends because it sounded pretty worn out. After that it was running very good. A year later it got a paint job in original green and a black powdercoated frame. In 1999 and after more or less 80000 km's the rotor from the alternator broke down and it was tight rusted on the crank so I had to take out the engine to remove it. I took engine plus gearbox apart sandblasted the whole thing replaced some bearings in gearbox and the bigends and also the exhaust valves. And again it is still running okay. I'm not shure about top speed. The rev needle is still running out of scale with the throttle full open and the speedo goes over 200 km/h, I know those are Italian values. I love the handling and the looks of it and I enjoy sitting somewhere drinkin a cup of coffee looking at the people who are atracted to it. Its remarkeble that interest in these bikes are growing so fast and I notice because I'm riding it for a long time now (next to a V7 Gt california with Steib sidecar) Adam this is my short history with this bike, I think it is usefull - Charles van Stralendorff (Holland)