Put on your tightest 70's leathers, the ones with the double stripe that runs from neck to foot, strap on your "Ago" replica AGV helmet, kick over your Garelli moped and take a ride back in time to the early 1970s, when men looked like women, and women sprawled themselves across 2 wheeled forms of transport of all types in the name of advertising...

Check out the Suzuki ads as an example of sex trying to sell bikes - it wouldn't be allowed now (warning - these posters contain material of an 'adult' nature!!).
Some of these I like because of the wacky 70s design and typography, or weird lifestyle imagery of the time - lots of going off into the countryside to pick apples and a quick snog up against the tree (Malaguti/Garelli). The pics of the Fantic Chopper are superb - I remeber wanting one when I was a kid!! If you're a Guzzi fan, you'll recognise names like Silentium, Stucchi, Tommaselli etc, and there are some cool pics of Guzzis of the time. I particularly like the first ad for the trailer containing 2 brand new 750S's - wonder where they are now....

Most of these come from old issues of Italian bike mags from between 1973 and 1976.

Click on a thumbnail for a bigger picture, be patient to let the pic load, and enjoy....

a trailer full of brand new Guzzi 750S's!

Agostini & Api oilil

AGV helmets, featuring
Agostini and Pasolin

Benelli trail bikes

Benelli 750 Sei

Ceriani accessories

Ducati 350 GTL

Ducati 750 GT

Ducati 125 -rare!

Ducati 750 SS - gorgeous

Ducati scrambler

Fantic Chopper test - mad!

Fantic Chopper ad - mad!

Fantic Chopper - mad!

Gaman leathers feat. Guzzi V7 Sport

Garelli mopeds - 70s!!

Garelli mopeds - 70s!!

gGilera 50cc trials

Giuliari seats

Guzzi V850 ad

Laverda police bike ad - strange!!

Laverda 250 trials

LLaverda SF750 ad - classy!

Malaguti ad - bizarre!

Malaguti mopeds - never seen one!

Minarelli/Testi - ahead of its time!

Mk 1Le Mans ad - classic

Morini 350 Sport ad - another Italian classic

MV Agusta - rare ad

Norton Commando - 70s!!

Sidi boots feat. Agostini

Sidi boots and MV

Silentium silencers and Mk 1 Le Mans

Early Stucchi (Guzzi spares) ad

saucy Suzuki ad 1

saucy Suzuki ad 2

saucy Suzuki ad 3

70s bike teeshirts

70s Guzzi/Benelli ad

Tommaselli clip-ons

ad for Guzzi V7

ad for Guzzi V7Sport